Outgrowing two factories in our early years, we made our move to our present location in the Summer of 1984. Dave’s Hawaiian Ice Cream’s Corporate Headquarters and Manufacturing Facility is now housed in the Pearl City Industrial Park on the island of Oahu, where our ice cream is made fresh daily in our nation’s 50th State. Our factory is capable of producing 50,000 gallons of ice cream each month – quadruple the amount we produced in our first factory!

Our gourmet ice cream begins with 14% butterfat which delivers a rich, creamy taste and firm texture. Each of our flavors is carefully selected and mixed to perfection. When flavoring our product, quality is our primary concern so we only use the best wholesome products available on the market. When in season, fresh fruits are used in preference to canned or frozen. All liqueur flavors are made with actual liqueur, which results in a genuine flavor.

Taking such care in making ice cream has put Dave’s Hawaiian Ice Cream on the national map. Our fresh Poha ice cream has been included in the book ‘The Very Best Ice Cream‘ and People Magazine name our Coconut Macadamia Nut one of the ‘Top 5 Exotic Ice Creams in America’. At home in Hawaii, Honolulu Star Bulletin writer Pierre Bowman wrote, “Dave’s has the others beat cold.”

Dave attributes our success to the fact that we are the only ice cream producer in Hawaii to make gourmet ice cream from scratch. He explains it like this, “It is like going to a supermarket and buying a box of cake mix. You take it home, add eggs and water, bake it, then take it over to a friend’s home saying you made it from scratch. Making a cake from a pre-made mix isn’t the same as making it from scratch. The same holds true for ice cream. Dave’s Hawaiian Ice Cream is made from scratch in Hawaii. Most others purchase an already-made mix from the mainland; we make our mix right here in our factory.