It took a lot of hard work for Dave’s Hawaiian Ice Cream to be where it is today.

Inspired by his father’s love for ice cream, local boy David Leong started his ice cream business in 1982 when he opened his first Dave’s Ice Cream store on Oahu’s west coast in Waianae.

Hard work, together with many trials and errors, went into perfecting the formula and flavors of his ice cream.  Formulas were created from many “taste tests”, which provided Dave with numerous opportunities to make adjustments and improvements to each specialty flavor.  Since one of Dave’s goals was to be known as an “Innovator of Ice Cream”, he went on to perfect unique flavors such as Mango, Poha, and Lychee.

Today, Dave’s Hawaiian Ice Cream produces over 50 flavors, 40 of which are on hand at most locations all the time.